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How do I know I won’t be seasick?

Today’s modern cruise ships have stabilizers and seasickness is not as prevalent as it used to be. Just to be safe, you may want to bring along ginger capsules. They are all natural, very effective and can be purchased at most health food or drug stores.


I’ve heard a lot of people get flu-like symptoms when they take a cruise. Is this true?

You may be referring to noroviruses. This is a group of viruses that attack the gastrointestinal system. Flu shots will not prevent this.Actually these viruses are generally found almost everywhere where lots of people are in close proximity. Schools, businesses, hospitals, airports, airplanes and yes, cruise ships too are some of the potential locations.


You can decrease your chance of becoming ill by washing your hands thoroughly and frequently, especially before meals and by utilizing the sanitizing stations located throughout the ship.


What does an all-inclusive cruise really mean?

Many cruise lines advertise all-inclusive and it usually means the basic cruise fare, room, board and the traditional cruise ship amenities, such as a swimming pool and entertainment. The only additional charges here would most likely include tips and drinks, if you choose. Often passengers are permitted to bring non-alcoholic drinks on board, but not large coolers. It is recommended you bring your own bottled water for in-room use, as some cruise lines charge $3 - $4 per liter.


We discuss the specifics of our all-inclusive cruising trips with each of our customers or group leader. Additionally we will customize your cruise package, so there will be no unwanted surprises later.


Do I have to eat at the same time and with the same people at my table for the entire cruise?

Some cruise lines have open seating for dinner. This is often referred to as dining “free style”, which means you may dine whenever and with whomever you choose. Since today’s cruise ships also include several different restaurants, you may also vary your restaurant choices. Most cruise lines also offer free room service from a limited menu.


I’ve heard that cruise ships are very crowded. Is that true?

It’s true that more and more people are opting for cruises as their vacation selection. However, there are many levels and places to go on a ship and finding a quiet place is not difficult. As a matter of fact cruise ship directors are masters at crowd control, much more so than most hotels, restaurants and resorts.


How will I know where to go and what’s going on once I board the ship?

Most cruise lines have layouts of their ships online. We recommend that you study the layout before going on your cruise. If you locate your cabin, dining, entertainment, shopping, the gym etc. before boarding the ship, it will make you feel much more comfortable. Printouts are usually given to passengers upon embarkation and the purser’s desk is also a good resource.


And remember a list of activities is delivered to each cabin, so study it carefully. You wouldn’t want to miss anything!


Won’t it get boring just laying out in the sun every day?

Tropical islands are not the only cruise ship destinations, nor is sunbathing by the pool the only activity. Cruise ships visit every continent and anyone who loves to travel should be able to find a destination that appeals to them. Land tours at ports of call are very popular and offer everything from trips to museums and shopping excursions to visiting historic sites and experiencing native traditions of entertaining and dining.


I want to have fun on my vacation. Aren’t cruises generally for cranky old people?

Many older adults do love to cruise. However they are active, wise and full of life, after all, they are on a cruise! You may find that ships with water sports appeal to younger people. Let us know your preferences and we’ll find just the right cruise ship. And if you go in a group you’re guaranteed to have fun, no matter what everyone else chooses to do.


I’ve seen a lot of commercials about cruises. It seems they are all packed with “party people”.  Are they all that way?

Most mainstream cruises are marketed to families. Yes there are parties on board, but you will find quiet passengers of all cultures, races and ages. Security on board assures that no one will get out of hand.


Isn’t cruising dangerous these days?

It seems that all modes of travel from flying to trains and cruises have gotten a bad reputation about danger. Cruise ships are actually very safe. With over 11 million people cruising each year, the crime rate is very low. Being aware of your surroundings and doing some advance planning will assure you of a safe trip


Isn’t cruising pretty boring?

We can’t imagine anyone becoming bored on a cruise ship. There is such a variety of activities available at just about every hour of the entire cruise…day and night. Activities include: dancing, golfing, fine dining, working out in the gym, relaxing on deck with a good book, learning computer skills, a foreign language, how to play bridge, and how to dance everything from the fox trot to the rumba. There’s shopping, movies, live entertainment and many interesting shore excursions.


You may also enjoy Las Vegas-style entertainment, a rock band or a classical pianist.Tell us what you like. We’ll find you that cruise!



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